My name is Meg, and I’m a freelance writer living between Spain and Belgium.

I’ve reported on the metro desk of The Los Angeles Times and covered Spanish politics as a special correspondent; covered politics for The Boston Globe; and written about universities for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

I’ve written the aftermath of wildfires; overflowing rivers; fugitive rappers; ‘caravans’ of women bound for the Spanish countryside; squatters; Gibraltar’s misgivings with Spain over Brexit; and wine.

I graduated from Harvard with a degree in history and literature in May of 2017. I spent most of 2018 in Spain on a Harvard-sponsored travel grant, writing a year’s worth of long emails on my travels, and decided to stay.

Send me an email at megpbernhard[at] with story ideas, book recs, or just to say hello. I’d love to hear from you. Read about Spain on my narrative newsletter here.

Check out my resume here. Follow me on Twitter @meg_bernhard, and add me on LinkedIn here.