Selected Work

Here’s a sampling of my work between 2014 and 2020.

Selected Works

Los Angeles Times

Finding peace and harmony at the ‘End of the Earth’ (A1, Jan. 2020)

For lonely men in Spanish towns, the ‘caravan of women’ brings hope of love (A1, May 15 2019)

A Spanish grandmother’s advice on coronavirus: ‘When death comes, it comes’ (March 2020)

As ‘Brexit’ Looms, Spain aims to take greater control over Gibraltar (A1, Nov. 2018)

Spain is still divided over the legacy over its former dictator. But will exhuming his body help the country heal? (A1, Oct. 2018)

After losing everything, they spent 13 months in a trailer. Now, they’ve returned to a charred ghost town (A1 centerpiece, Aug. 2017)

A wet winter makes some California hikes more treacherous than usual (A1 centerpiece, Aug. 2017)

After the drought, the ‘Killer Kern’ river is a different beast (A1 centerpiece, July 2017)

Separatist Catalans on the lam from Spain establish ‘government in exile’ ( March 2019)


Water or Sky? (July 2020)

Virginia Quarterly Review

Cuarentena (April 2020)

Narratively Magazine

Rapper on the Run (May 2019)

Harper’s Magazine

Horizontal World (July 2019)

The Feiring Line Essay Contest Winner

Making Wine with a Woman (August 2019)

Politico Europe

Andorra’s abortion rights revolution (Oct. 2019)

The Sunday Longread

Nothing is normal when your husband is exiled (Jan. 2019)

Guernica Magazine

Among Catalan Winemakers, Separatism Uncorked (June 2018)

The Lily News

In a country where soccer is king, few women can make a living from their sport (April 2019)

Other work

District asks: What will make students stay in Pasadena’s public schools? (Los Angeles Times, B1 front, July 2017)

Scenes of ‘zombie apocalypse’ left in the path of California wildfires (Los Angeles Times, B1 centerpiece, July 2017)

Breaking news:

Orange County rapper’s body discovered as Kern River’s grim toll climbs (B1 lead, July 2017)

Special correspondent in Spain

A test of wills in Catalonia as Spain tightens grip on restive region

Amid uncertainty in Catalonia, another worry: The fate of its beloved soccer team

Catalonia’s push for independence roils larger — and poorer — regions of Spain 

Voters in Spain’s Catalonia are set to elect a new parliament, but secession issue remains divisive 

New Catalan leader sworn in, vows to continue efforts to secede from Spain 

With independence a far-fetched dream, Basque Country activists downsize their ambitions 

Boston Globe


The state’s newest political party is already at risk of fading away (B1, Aug. 2016)

In 2016 race, women experts still cited less often than men (Aug. 2016, pitched)

Jill Stein sees opportunity with Sanders supporters (B1, July 2016)

Deadline news:

Mass. will have early voting for the first time this year. But are we ready? ( A1, Aug. 2016)

Inside the fund-raiser for top VP prospect Tim Kaine (July 2016)

LePage-Trump ‘bromance’ blooms in Bangor (June 2016)

Chronicle of Higher Education

(online behind paywall, please check these pdfs)

A Clinician, a Blogger, and Now a Thorn in Coca Cola’s Side (Aug. 2015)

2 States Step Up Colleges’ Efforts to Reduce Unplanned Pregnancies (Aug. 2015, pitched)

TV’s Next Big Star: a Female MacGyver (July 2015, pitched)

Misc. Nonfiction

My Hometown: Temecula Popula. (Nov. 2018)

“I will never do this again” she said, hours before the party even started Popula ( Feb. 2019)

Waiting for the harvest in Catalonia Off Assignment (Dec. 2018)

The Harvard Crimson 

Magazine cover stories

Lessig 2016 (Sept. 2015, pitched)

Seeing Red: Stanford v. Harvard (Oct. 2014)

Audiovisual feature:

What’s in a Name? (May 2016; I created and directed this project as editor of The Crimson, and contributed writing and reporting)

Data Features: 

Harvard’s Class of 2017, By the Numbers (May 2017; Directed and edited this project; contributed two data features)

Harvard Faculty Donate to Democrats by Wide Margin (May 2016)